We offer the highest quality, state-of-the-art method for capturing your original artwork at the most competitive price found. The BetterLight Super 8K-HS provides an astonishing 384 Megapixels of resolution and delivers fidelity greater than 4x5 film. This leading edge technology is only available at a few giclée studios across the country (no other high-end studio in North Carolina) and provides the most accurate color rendering and the finest detail.

The images below illustrate the superiority of our system compared to that of other giclée studios. There is quite a drastic difference when you look closely at the results. Be sure to inquire about a studio's capturing method before you choose a studio.

Digital Capture Pricing

Artful Color
(BetterLight Super 8K/Sinar 4x5)


Other Giclée Studios
(Digital SLR – Nikon D80)